Monday, May 8, 2017

Why Is Sleep Important To Your Face?

To many, getting a good night's sleep every single night is an impossibility. There are assignments to complete and projects to finish. Even if there is nothing to do, the stress built up during the busy day can prevent you from having a good sleep. Unless you are a princess that has nothing more to want or a person who has no ambition to work on, you will have your share of sleepless nights. And these sleepless nights will take a toll on your face.

Dark eye circles. The area around your eyes will darken. During periods of sleep deprivation, your body pumps more blood throughout your head to support brain function. The blood vessels around your eyes are engorged which causes the dark appearance. While it may be possible to hide those dark circles with some concealer, eyeshadow, and eye makeup brushes, the best solution is still to have sufficient rest. If you can, take some time for sleep during the day. Take one or two 15-minute naps during the day on your breaks. The idea is to allow your brain to get some rest so that your body doesn't feel like pumping so much blood into your head to help support your brain functions.

Acne. The body produces hormones when deprived of sleep. These hormones are the same ones produced during emergency. These hormones have the side effect of causing oil glands to become more active and alter the oil being produced which makes it more likely to plug pores which then leads to pimples or acne breakouts.

Dry skin. As previously ascribed to, sleep deprivation affects our blood circulation. Blood flow is focused towards important organs like the brain and the blood flow towards the epidermis is deprioritized. The result is that old and damaged skin cells are not replaced immediately, leaving your skin to look dry and dull.

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