Monday, January 22, 2018

3 Ways to Use White Eyeshadow

If you have one of those eyeshadow palettes with so many colors, you might have wondered how and when to use certain colors. One color that confounds many is white. It seems quite the outrageous color, seemingly ideal for certain events.  In reality, white is quite practical for daily use.

You can make your primary colors more vibrant. If you are the type who prefers non-subdued colors of eyeshadow, you can use white to make your main colors more vibrant. Apply white as a base with your eyeshadow brush and blend it all over your lid before applying the main color. The light base makes your colors stand out more.

You can get an instant brow lift. Brow lifts are expensive. Applying white eyeshadow  on your brow bone produces an excellent highlight, framing the rest of your brows brilliantly. It can also be used to conceal some unwanted eyebrows between your visits to your threading specialist. Just make sure to blend the white properly for the best effect. Practice if you must to take full advantage of it.

Liven up your face by lining your lower waterline with white eyeshadow. This makes your eyes look bigger, making you look more lively. This is a vital technique for those who tend to have so many late nights with early mornings.

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